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About JTD Management Consultants

JTD Management Consultants is an international solar distribution company, investment and asset manager, strategically headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and operating across Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

Our end-to-end business model brings together fully-fledged in-house capabilities, including expertise in project development, structured finance, capital markets, and legal and regulatory affairs. Lean and agile, our structure enables us to deliver utility-scale, distributed, and off-grid solar power products.

We take a holistic approach to solar, uniting the competencies and expertise necessary to oversee and deliver the entire solar product value chain.

From project selection and development, to construction and financing, to asset management and monetization, we unlock value through our integrated approach.

Our company is currently focused on delivering the highest quality solar solution with the best customer experience possible. Our solar energy technicians are backed by  years of experience. We are focused on bringing new idea in power generation that is building, operating and maintaining community-shared solar energy facilities. 

Each installation we complete, each neighbor we educate, and each promise we honor gets us one step closer to making the case for clean affordable power irrefutable and the transition irreversible



We offer affordable, practical residential Roofless solar systems. Comprehensive solar panel options for your renewable energy needs.


Solar energy helps businesses save money on electricity costs, reduce their carbon footprints and help curb greenhouse gas emissions.


We use innovative approaches to design, finance and project management for advanced energy storage solutions for large scale industrial complexes.

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Empowering our future with solar energy.